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Laser Marking Machine

3D Laser Marking Machine HBS-GQ-3D-30

3D Laser Marking Machine HBS-GQ-3D-30
Products Details

Technical Parameter

System Response Time
Side slope signal: less than 1ms
Position Output Impedance: 1K±1%Ω
Position Signal Input Ratio: 0.5V/°
Position Signal Input Range: XY2-100
Electronic Circuit Stability: 20PPM
Input Voltage: ±24V--±30V
Average Working Current: 2.8A
Max Input Current: 10A
Operating Temperature 40℃
Marking Area 300mm x 300mm
Packing Details
Size(mm):  1000X250X550(machine: 970X210X510)
Net Weight(kg): 34 (machine: 34)
Gross Weight(kg): 40
Product Features and Functions
1.Product Features:
● The principle of laser marking is to use the focused tiny laser beam to generate high energy and then carry out marking process.
● The laser marking is non-contact process, without mechanical compression and stress.
● Solved the problems for irregular marking, can mark on curved surface, slanted surface, stepped surface and other irregular surfaces.
● Reasonable size design, perfect heat dispersion.
● Easy-operated software and diversified marking patterns ensures profound results of 3D surface marking.
2. Products Function:
● Small heat-affected zone, high-precision processing, low cost, easy-operated, non-polluting, can realize the special marking technique that conventional method can not achieve.
● With the assistance of special Z axis optical system, can use the software to control the focus without any mechanical movement within the distance of 200mm during marking.
● Marking area can reach to 1000mm x 1000mm, realize the large-size marking.
● Marking head is compatible with several of optical or non-optical devices, such as rotary axis.
● With the combination of auto-focus by software control and manual mechanical-focus, this marking head can be used in a wider varieties of applications and products.
● During marking process, the 3D controlling system can adjust laser position according to the change of product surfaces and shape, achieve perfect marking effect.

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